Wall Paneling Around Fireplace

Choosing a fireplace to be the centrepiece of the room and framing it beautifully is a process that will require a few ideas before you make a decision. Wall paneling around a fireplace is one of the simplest ways to add class and sophistication to the room.Think of the process as framing the fireplace to make it stand out.

There are lots of different ways you can frame it through panelled ceiling that will have lines leading the eye to the fireplace. There is a chance of a fireplace being framed by furniture or windows and curtains however today we will focus on how you can frame a fireplace with wall paneling.

Traditional Height Wall Panels

The simplest and most common way of framing a fireplace is by simply having your room panelled with panels of traditional height and white in colour. It will naturally lead the eye towards the fireplace. For further emphasis, painting the walls a colour that is different to the white panels will make it stand out. If you have a fireplace with elaborate detailing, dark colour walls will help it be seen.

Pick a style...

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Wall Paneling the Fireplace

If you just take the area of the fireplace where it protrudes from the wall and decide to panel it you will have a simple and flexible result. The flexibility will allow you in the future to install alcove units on either side of the fireplace. The style of the alcove units can will be easily matched to the already existing panels meaning that the design of the room will remain cohesive.

Of course, if you have a fireplace you will want to use it as much as you can — But it's always a good idea to keep your main heating system (such as your immersion heater) working at its best. A plumbing and heating contractor like ImmersionHeater.ie will be able to consult you over the phone and organise a callout to get your heating system back up and running.

If you are using multiple heating systems in your home — such as a fireplace alongside an immersion or a boiler — make sure to always keep them serviced for the safety of your family. Fireplaces need maintenance too if they are in constant use, especially during the colder months.

Wall Paneling the Entire Fireplace Area

If you decide to panel the entire wall where the fireplace is positioned, normally you would have the other walls in the room panelled too. High ceilings will be type of perfect in carrying floor to ceiling paneling. There is a possibility of making the fireplace wall a feature wall, the only wall in the room panelled for a dramatic effect.

When it comes to design we tend to decorate reflecting our characters, personalities and experiences. Wall paneling can be a way of framing various features in the room and with the likes of a fireplace it can emphasise it’s importance in the room. It is also a chance to refresh the way a fireplace looks in the room.

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